Women with long brown hair wearing pink top with black poka dots smiling at the camera holding a card up that says dream big

Why Investing In Your Business Is Vital For Success

Let’s talk investing in your business, when I first started my business almost 3 years ago I underestimated how much money, time, expertise and energy...
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Image of blank note book with a womens hand holding a pen about to begin writing, surrounded by white flowers on the desk

3 Steps to Easier and More Engaging Writing

We all know that the best writing (blog posts, newsletters, books, etc.) feels like the writer is speaking directly to us, the readers. In this...
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Photo of woman with dark hair smiling wearing a turquiose headband and cardigan

5 Reasons Why Branding Is An Investment & Not An Expense

As a Brand Alchemist, I specialise in working my brand magic for ambitious businesswomen that are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. So I...
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Woman with bob haircut looking at another woman listening

3 Ways To Manage Your Emotions

2020 and 2021 have undoubtedly been THE MOST challenging years for the majority of us, especially business owners and entrepreneurs. Regardless of our particular activity...
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Kate sat in front of a laptop with a happy face with her arms in the air cheering

How I’m Going To Have The Best Year Ever

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what the best year ever would look like and how I would achieve it and how both business...
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Image of two women smiling and enjoying themselves

How to Dress Confidently

The importance of your wardrobe on your personal brand and how to dress confidently We all have our own personal brand, it’s a reflection of...
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Image of a smiling women looking through a ring donut hole. Being herself and silly to succeed at online networking.

How to succeed at online networking as an empathetic business owner

Ok so I didn’t actually mean to start a women’s networking group, it was a complete surprise to me! Online Community I was happily running...
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Cherry Blossom Management owner Kate Browning smiling talking on her mobile surrounded by cherry blossom trees

What 2021 has taught me

It’s the first week in January 2022 and as I sit here planning ahead for the forthcoming year, I am forced to look back over...
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Women sat with an orange sunset lifting sand with her hands

6 ways to naturally boost your energy

Most of us are feeling the effects of chronic stress even more so than usual, you may be experiencing this as a drop in your...
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